Steak ni Juan

Steak ni Juan is a casual dining restaurant which offers a high quality cuts of steak at a very affordable price. As of the moment, their food offerings are still limited. More dishes will be introduced as Steak ni Juan continues to grow.

Steak ni Juan
The Porterhouse Steak

It is a cut that is differentiated by its marbling tenderness, priced for only P169.00. It is grilled with their own homemade mix of spices then cooked accordingly. It is served with a cup of rice and their signature gravy.

Steak ni Juan
Porterhouse Steak with Corn cob

The T-Bone Steak

A juicy and delicious T-Bone steak is priced at P149.00 only. Each order includes a single serving of rice, and the Steak ni Juan signature gravy.

Steak ni Juan
T-Bone Steak
Steak ni Juan
T-Bone Steak

The gravy they serve is a signature recipe that is specially crafted to compliment the taste to their juicy and tender steaks, completing the ultimate Steak ni Juan experience.

Aside from the gravy, you can actually add on some side dishes to yourΒ order. Optional side dishes include a grilled corn cob and baby potatoes – just add P20 on each serving.

Steak ni Juan
Baby Potatoes
Steak ni Juan
Baby Potatoes

They also have their house blend iced tea that tastes like no other. It is home brewed with all natural ingredients and blended with a hint of citrus from fresh lemon grass. They don’t add any artificial flavors. For only P40.00; you can enjoy a liter of this special iced tea.

With this focused line of signature dishes, Steak ni Juan envisions to raise the Steaks and change the casual dining industry in no time.Β The people behind this restaurant decided to open a unique, game-changing, restaurant focused on democratizing and redefining the steak dining experience by making it affordable and accessible to everyone while maintaining a high-quality standards.

As they say, it will always be a BIG MISSED STEAK if you do not try STEAK ni JUAN. hehe

Steak ni Juan—–
Steak ni Juan
is located at V. Mapa corner Tionko Ave., Davao City (infront of Saging Repablik)
for updates and inquiries you may visit their official facebook account –Β

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